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Furnished 2-Bedroom Apartment in Prime Location | Doha - Qatar 0
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FIND GREAT RESIDENCE This romantic apartment is perfectly suited for couple or couple with children. Located in the strong central area includes with amenities, equiped with nice sofa and queen bed, also e. t. c. Excellent WIFI network. This Apartment is designed in a Modern and Practical elements which provides maximum comfort and the best experience during your visit in. The Apartment has contemporary style decoration in combination with original design elements and come together with shades of grey. Located in 3nd floor of a historical residential house is close to main points of interest. Layout:  One master bedroom with balcony  One bedroom  One bathroom Dining and living area Guest toilet Service: House keeping Reception Security Note: Pets are not allowed. FGREALTY Qatar offers the most exclusive and luxurious properties in The Pearl, West Bay, and Lusail City.
شرفةأجهزة المطبخموقف سيارات مغطىأمنجمنازيوم مشتركحمام سباحة مشتركنادي صحي مشترك
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Furnished 2-Bedroom Apartment in Prime Location | Doha - Qatar

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