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You will be responsible for driving company sales by sourcing new clients, and by convincing existing clients to purchase E-learning & Advertising. As such, you will be playing an integral role in companies longevity. KreatTech is looking for a resilient, empathic business development executive who can contribute to the growth of the company. You will be responsible to find and retain customers, to encourage existing clients to purchase new products or features, and to stay up-to-date of changes in consumer behavior. You should attend networking events with the intention of attracting and retaining clientele. Ultimately, In order to ensure our products and services continue to exceed clients' expectations, you'll keep an eye on their feedback. Business Development Executive Responsibilities: Familiarizing yourself with all products and services offered by our company. Procuring new clients through direct contact, word-of-mouth, and collaboration with the marketing department. Attending networking activities to research and connect with prospective clients. Maintaining meaningful relationships with existing clients to ensure that they are retained. Suggesting upgrades or added products and services that may be of interest to clients. Crafting business proposals and contracts to draw in more revenue from clients. Negotiating with clients to secure the most attractive prices. Reviewing clients' feedback and implementing necessary changes. Business Development Executive Requirements: Degree in marketing, business administration, or similar. Extensive sales experience. Ability to understand human behavior intuitively and with insight. The ability to identify pain points and suggest suitable products and services to generate revenue. Presentable and neatly dressed, well-groomed appearance. Great networking skills. Excellent written and verbal communication. Resourceful, with outstanding research skills. Emboldened by challenges.

Business Development Execuitve

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